Updated: Jun 20

Meet our newest partners! MoneyWave Empire, M.A.C. House, Noise Omaha & Hook N Sync. Please take the time to click each photo and follow the links to get to know exactly who these companies are, what they do and what they have to offer.

Each company is different in their own ways. From OKC, OK MWE will be helping us with providing our songwriters opportunities for shows across the U.S. MAC House is out of Minneapolis, MN and does a variety of different things from shows, workshops, comedy shows etc. They are kind enough to include us any event they are running! Noise Omaha is a community based outlet in Omaha, NE that stresses community and journalism. Noise will be there to support us at any event we throw providing media and a magazine outlet for our songwriters to be featured based on community work. Hook N Sync is a well organized organization that hosts songwriter showcases etc. around Omaha, NE.

Don't take our word for it! Click the links and see what you learn.

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